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Benefits of Industrial LED Lighting

Organisations today are under immense pressure to increase energy efficiency, improve safety and reduce costs across operations. Industrial LED lighting assists in achieving all three. Below are a number of advantages LED lights can offer to your industrial space. Energy Efficient: LED lights are the most energy efficient lighting solution that is available in the market today. By upgrade your current, inefficient lighting fixtures to Nordland Lighting’s LEDs, you are able to reduce your area’s energy consumption by 75%. In addition, with improved quality of light and smarter design, you are…

The Science of Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting design merges two professional characteristics into one in order to create an attractive, energy efficient and productive environment in commercial and industrial spaces. These two characteristics include a creative eye that adds to the aesthetics of a space, as well as a scientific mind that understands the various properties of lighting, and how they differ with varying lighting solutions. But what exactly is architectural lighting design; an art or a science? Well, it is both of them, and when done properly should be concerned with three key areas of lighting: creating…
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